Environmental Education

adult stands behind children wearing red life jackets playing in river surrounded by green foliage

Nebraska 4-H Youth Development Program Priority

Environmental Education

Nebraska 4-H teaches an appreciation, understanding, and awareness of the natural world by providing opportunities for youth to study and interact with that world. Separating youth from their everyday setting, 4-H gives young people an opportunity to express new aspects of their personalities, achieve increased self-esteem, and gain a new perspective on how to relate to their peers. Students engage in cooperative learning and character development naturally by participating in environmental education programs and experiences that can be directly applied to life.

Through these programs, youth practice critical life skills, including




Wise use of resources


Responsible Citizenship




Healthy lifestyle choices


and many more

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Summer Camps

All Ages

4-H camps provide unique educational opportunities that empower youth to be active in the pursuit of self-improvement in a safe, inclusive, and fun environment. 4-H camps are a place to discover, learn, and grow while developing valuable leadership and citizenship skills.

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