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National 4-H Council

Projects provide the basis of the 4-H program by offering various educational experiences. Carrying out a project will help the member "learn by doing" as well as learn "why" things happen the way they do.

Why projects?

The project is a teaching tool that can be used to develop many desirable traits in addition to the more evident project skills.

Project work is a means to an end, not the end itself. The development of the individual is the most important part

What are projects?

Projects are real life experiences that help 4-H'ers learn to make sound decisions. Projects put the hands and mind to work.

What are the objectives of 4-H projects?

Create a sense of ownership

Give a feeling of achievement

Strengthen family and community ties

Provide members the opportunity to:

  • learn project skills
  • develop and understand project knowledge
  • develop good attitudes
  • assume responsibility
  • provide healthful competition
  • make meaningful decisions

Provide leisure time activities

Explore career opportunities and thus the need for continued education. All projects are, in a sense, career explorative–giving each member a taste of the work and responsibilities involved.

How are projects conducted?

Project work is conducted through various delivery methods:

  • project meetings at club, county, or state events
  • demonstrations and talks at club meetings, county contests, or state contests
  • tours
  • family activities or work at home
  • exhibiting at the county or state fair
  • recordkeeping
  • workshops or camps

Project selection is optional for Nebraska 4-H members, with the exception of horse and shooting sports projects. However, youth are encouraged to officially enroll in projects they are interested in. The project enrollment process may help youth learn valuable management skills like goal-setting, record-keeping, planning, and organizing. 

2024 Nebraska 4-H Projects

Animal Science



Dairy Cattle


Other Pet or Small Animal







Veterinary Science

Communication & Expressive Arts



Visual Arts

Consumer & Family Science

Consumer Education


Home Design & Restoration

Human Development

Textile, Quilts & Apparel

Environmental Education & Earth Science

Conservation & Wildlife



Shooting Sports: Air Pistol

Shooting Sports: Air Rifle

Shooting Sports: 22 Rifle

Shooting Sports: Archery

Shooting Sports: BB Gun

Shooting Sports: Hunting Skills

Shooting Sports: Muzzleloader

Shooting Sports: Shotgun

Shooting Sports: Smallbore Pistol

Healthy Living

Healthy Lifestyles

Food & Nutrition


Leadership, Citizenship & Personal Development




Plant Science




Science, Engineering & Technology

STEM: Rockets

STEM: Computers

STEM: Electricity

STEM: Geospatial

STEM: Physics

STEM: Robotics

STEM: Welding

STEM: Woodworking

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