Health Aid Counselor Job Description

Job Summary:

A Health Aid Counselor must be able to fulfill the duties of a general staff member, including but not limited to being able to effectively monitor behavior while using appropriate discipline techniques and develop age appropriate activities. This position is responsible for helping to maintain a safe, clean summer program site; ensuring a high level of program quality and working to establish a positive relationship with all program participants and their families. The Day Camp Lead Counselors will provide a positive role model to the Nebraska 4-H camper.

Reports to:

Camp Administration Team

Camp Leadership Team

Health Manager

Responsible to:

Nebraska 4-H Participants

Nebraska 4-H Staff


  • Be at least 19 years of age
  • Must possess the maturity and skills needed to successfully fulfill the requirements of the position.
  • Ability to in act camp schedules.
  • Strong programming background.
  • Interest and experience with outdoor activities.
  • Demonstrated health experience is preferred and an interest in nursing or medical degree a bonus
  • Have a sincere desire to work with youth from all backgrounds.

Job Essentials:

  1. Screen all campers as they arrive at camp, check for sickness, recent illness and prior injuries, possible abuse, or medical conditions.
  2. Care for all health concerns and incidents as much as possible and determine when emergency or hospital care is necessary, always following the established procedures as assigned by the camp Health Manager.
  3. Be available and ready for emergencies by being at the location of the majority of campers during activities.
  4. Be “on-call” via camp radio at all times during camp.
  5. In partnership with Health Manager, call parents as seen fit regarding medical issues or because a child may need to go home due to illness.
  6. Complete “clean cabin checks” daily and provide cabins with their scores at mealtimes; participate in reward for cleanest cabin each week.
  7. Counselors are at all times responsible for the supervision and safety of their campers. You must know where campers are at all times, and be responsible for their safety and well-being.
  8. Help all campers have a FUN time at all camp programs, while providing them with a well-rounded experience.
  9. Promote and work under Nebraska 4-H Camps Mission.
  10. Be a positive role model for all campers, watching language used, topics discussed with campers, behavior, attitude and dress.
  11. Interpret to campers all Nebraska 4-H rules, and see they are followed and respected.
  12. Assist campers in adjusting to each other and in planning their camp program with camper input.
  13. Make sure that First Aid is given to all campers in need. Report all accidents or problems to Admin or Health Aid on call.
  14. Work cooperatively with other staff members and Camp Apprentices and Camp Program Assistants. Inform Leadership staff of problems as soon as they occur.
  15. Cooperate with parents of campers. Manage two-way communication between camp and parents. Consult Camp Administration Team with problems communicating with parents.
  16. Being available for weekly overnight experiences with campers.
  17. Perform all duties as assigned to the best of your ability, and with a positive attitude.
  18. Never be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty for Nebraska 4-H.
  19. Always keep a positive and enthusiastic attitude while instilling excitement in campers.
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