Year-Round Programs

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Nebraska 4-H Camps offer year-round programs for schools, groups, families, and more.

At the Nebraska State 4-H Camp, there is never a shortage of things to do. Our facilities are designed to ensure a comfortable stay. The Nebraska State 4-H Camp hosts outdoor education programs, conferences, retreats, team-building experiences, and year-round camping programs for youth. Our professional staff provides adults and youth visitors alike with a positive, safe, and fun environment. We offer a variety of age-appropriate group activities designed to foster relationships, build confidence, and teach new skills. Each program is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the group and all of our programs promote friendship, positive self-esteem, healthy development, and encourages individuality and independence. Please explore this section of our website to see all the possibilities for you through Nebraska 4-H Camps.


School Year Camps

Nebraska 4-H school year camps provide a wonderful opportunity for youth to get away from it all and spend quality time connecting with nature and the great outdoors while they have days off from school or are on school breaks.

School Year Camps


Environmental Education

Each year, hundreds of students and their teachers from schools across Nebraska participate in our hands-on, engaging environmental education programs and experiences. Our programs align with the Nebraska Science Standards.

Environmental Education

We're Accredited!

Nebraska 4-H Camp programs are accredited by the American Camp Association! Learn why ACA-Accreditation matters.

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