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  • Nebraska 4-HAbout Camps & Centers

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  • Nebraska 4-HAbout Camps & Centers

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  • Nebraska 4-HAbout Camps & Centers

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  • Nebraska 4-HAbout Camps & Centers

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Nebraska 4-H has two camp centers -- Nebraska State 4-H Camp near Halsey, Nebraska, and Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center near Gretna, Nebraska. Both locations provide visitors with a place to discover, to learn, and to grow, through Summer Camp, Group Team Building, Special Events, and Outdoor Education.

Owned and operated through a partnership of the, Nebraska Extension 4-H Youth Development and the Nebraska 4-H Foundation, Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers promote the mission of Nebraska 4-H - which encourages all young people to reach their full potential, by working and learning in partnership with caring adults. The Nebraska 4-H Camps are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). This organization sets standards for safety, maintenance, programs, human relations, transportation, and other areas of camp management. The Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers comply with more than 300 individual standards to ensure that your visit is a positive one!


It is the mission of Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers to provide unique educational opportunities that empower people of all ages to be active in the pursuit of self-improvement in a safe, inclusive, and fun environment.


  1. To build programs which utilize unique local resources and serve the mission of the Land Grant University and Nebraska Extension.
  2. The program and facility will be proactive in growing to efficiently and effectively meet changing needs.
  3. To be purposeful in the development and training of our human resources.
  4. To provide intentional youth programs that:
    • are offered in a safe and inclusive environment
    • provide positive relationships with caring adults
    • engage youth in learning and skill mastery (target specific skills)
    • provide youth the opportunity to see themselves as an active, important participant in the future
    • provide youth the opportunity to be a role model or provide service to others
  5. To provide intentional educational and recreational experiences for adults.


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Summer Camps

Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers offer both day and overnight camps from May through August each year. 4-H Summer Camps are available to all youth ages 6-18 regardless of 4-H enrollment status.

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Year-Round Programs

Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers offer programs all year long, including team building and outdoor education for school and corporate groups. Additional school-year camps are also available. Additionally, our facilities are available for event rental throughout the year and depending on availability.

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Nebraska 4-H Camps and Centers programs are American Camp Association accredited.