Embryology 101 chick and egg graphics

Embryology 101 is a comprehensive curriculum that provides tips and tricks to successfully hatch chicks while maintaining interactive, engaging, lessons for 3rd through 5th grade students. Lessens are written for the seasoned or beginning Extension professional as well as being able to hand off to classroom teachers when you are not able to reach each classroom, each week.

The curriculum consists of four lessons, which include experiential learning activities and inquiry-based learning. These lessons include:

  1. Egg Discovery
  2. Build-A-Chicken
  3. Inside the Shell
  4. The Traveling Egg

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain what is required for the care and incubation of the eggs.
  2. Practice caring for eggs during the incubation process.
  3. Explain what changes occur in the egg over the course of the program.
  4. Understand that parental genetics determine the physical characteristics of their offspring.
  5. Tell the difference between an egg with a growing embryo inside compared to an infertile egg.
  6. Explain why farmers and ranchers care for their animals.
  7. Recognize benefits and drawbacks among housing options.
  8. Understand where their chicken meat and eggs come from.


Several places throughout the curriculum refer back to this website to find additional resources to help facilitate different activities. Below you will find links to view or download these additional resources.