FIRST LEGO League Challenge Coaching Resources

These resources are available to assist all FIRST LEGO League teams. As noted, some may be specific for Nebraska, while others are relevant for teams everywhere.

  • Robotics Building Blocks - This is a self-paced course designed for middle school-age students interested in learning about programming using LEGO EV3 robot kits.
  • Ohio 4-H Youth Development Robotics 1 with EV3
  • Checklist for Teams - This document gives a list of items to bring for a qualifier.
  • Judging Rubrics-Review each of the three judging room rubrics prior to attending a qualifier.
  • Spike Prime Straight Line program
  • Robotics Training (Spike vs EV3)
  • FLL Team Introduction Information - (word doc version) - Each team should prepare a two-page document including a photo of the team, a brief description of their robot, project and core values. Interesting tidbits about your team, like a favorite snack, how you decided upon your name, etc., help the judges connect with and remember your team.
  • Robot Design Executive Summary Instructions - All Nebraska teams will present a Robot Design Executive Summary during Robot Design judging. Teams are asked to bring a 1 to 2-page handout of their Executive Summary and may choose to also bring a poster to accompany their Executive Summary presentation. Teams attending FIRST LEGO League events NOT in Nebraska need to check with the event coordinator to find out what if your region is doing Robot Design Executive Summaries.
  • Block Planning Worksheet - This worksheet gives a series of squares for use in planning programs. Youth might draw or write the functions of each programming block on the worksheet to serve as an outline. The complete program draft on the worksheet can serve as a reference to record ideas between meetings, to get organized before actually writing a program, and as documentation to share with the robot design judges.


Kiersten, a Nebraska FIRST LEGO League alumni, shares her team's approach to building notebooks and general tips and tricks to putting together successful notebooks. She shares examples of her team's Robot Design, Project, and Core Values notebooks. Kiersten discusses what to include, what judges are looking for, and how to organize the materials.

Rebels Robotics Q&A

Nebraska's 1st Champion Award Winner and Detriot Word Festival 3rd Place Research Award Team, Rebel Robotics team talks about what it was like at the World Festival, how they approach the season, and answers questions.

Additional Resources

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