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Livestock Information Series

The Nebraska 4-H Livestock Information Series is a resource for 4-H members, leaders, and parents to gain knowledge in various livestock-related topic areas. Each session, a new topic is covered with experts joining to share their experience and expertise. Extended learning opportunities and supporting documents are also available for each topic.

  • teen boys lead their show lambs along fence.
  • teen girl smiling while holding rabbit.
  • teen girl looks down at dairy calf tied to fence.
  • girl carries lamb to a group of children.
  • three young people kneel next to three show pigs as they eat.
  • chickens peck at the ground next to a person's boot.
Tattooing Livestock

Tattoos are permanent identification and can also be utilized to maintain accurate parentage, health, and production records. Tags can fall out or be removed, but a well-done tattoo will remain readable for the lifetime of the animal. Tattoos can be used for beef, sheep, goats, swine, and rabbits. In the following resources, we will go through the equipment needed to tattoo livestock, as well as walk through the step-by-step process of tattooing a beef animal, as an example.

Tattooing Video

Tattooing Handout

Beef Carcass Data

Grading is often used in the meat industry to identify the value of beef carcasses. Quality grade gives an estimation of how palatable (tender, juicy, and flavourful) the final product is going to be. Yield grade estimates how many pounds of boneless, closely trimmed, retail cuts that animal will provide. These resources describes the difference between quality and yield grade and how they are deterimined.

Beef Carcass Data Video

Beef Carcass Data Handout

Lamb Carcass Data These resources share how to determine the quality of a lamb carcass as well as how to estimate how many pounds of boneless, closely trimmed, retail cuts each animal can provide. 

Lamb Carcass Data Video

Lamb Carcass Data Handout

Pork Carcass Data Pork carcasses are distinguished by how much edible product they produce. The handout provides an estimate of how much meat you could expect from your market hog and the video explains how the carcass is evaluated. 

Pork Carcass Data Video

Pork Carcass Data Handout

Beef Products & Byproducts Beef is a high-quality protein source. One beef animal can provide us with hundreds of pounds of meat, but did you know that meat is not the only thing that we can get from market animals? These resources will provide an idea of what kinds of products and byproducts we can get from a beef animal. 

Beef Products & Byproducts Handout

Making a Marinade Tenderness is one of the most important palatability traits when it comes to consuming beef. But how can we make tough steaks more tender? This resource describes how using a marinade or changing cooking methods can improve the taste of your meat products. Plus, recipes are included! 

Making a Marinade Video

Making a Marinade Handout

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