2022 4-H Project Showcase

2021 virtual 4-H project showcase

The 4-H Project Showcase is an opportunity for youth to show off a favorite project or a project they are particularly proud of! Any 4-H project is eligible regardless of the awards it received through judging or the ability to have it judged at the county level. Projects submitted by August 10 will be showcased on the 4-H Video Wall at the Nebraska State Fair! 

Submit Your Project


  1. Any enrolled 4-H members may submit a project, and any 4-H project is eligible. This includes county-only projects, live animal projects, project involving contest participation, projects selected for State Fair, projects that were not able to be exhibited at the county fair, etc.
  2. By submitting an entry to this showcase, the 4-H member grants permission to Nebraska 4-H the use and rights associated with the use of the photograph and quotes, in promotional publication, online, and in other media, without compensation.
  3. Submissions must include at least one photograph of the project. The photo should show the entire project. Be sure to take photos from an adequate distance so the entire project is visible. Photos may include the 4-H member with their project, as well. For example, photos may show the 4-H member holding or using their project, participating in a contest or event, or working with or showing their live animal.

    Tips for taking photos:
    • Avoid using the camera's zoom. Get closer to the subject instead.
    • Use natural light. Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid using flash. Try photographing on an overcast day.
    • Avoid cluttered backgrounds.
    • Do not apply filters, text, or other digital manipulation. 
    • Avoid cropping or resizing the photo.

For questions about this program or the information on this page, please contact: