Youth Activity Safety Policy Parent/Guardian Information

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has implemented a Youth Activity Safety Policy to provide a safe environment for youths participating in UNL sponsored activities, clinics or conferences. Our policy includes safe interaction guidelines as well as background and sex registry checks for Activity Workers. This policy will help to protect participating youths from potential misconduct incidents and help provide a safe, educational and enjoyable activity/program experience.

Activity Workers

  1. All Activity Workers must successfully pass a sex offender registry search for Nebraska and the state(s) they reside.
  2. All Activity Workers driving activity vehicles must successfully pass a Driving Record Check.
  3. In the case of an emergency or accident involving your youth, parents/guardians will be notified, following notification of the appropriate emergency personnel.
  4. All UNL activities will comply with UNL’s Youth Activities Safety Guidelines.

Disciplinary Action
The activity directors of University-sponsored activities, clinics and conferences reserve the right to immediately dismiss any youth from the activity, clinic or conference who is found to have violated behavioral expectations. Dismissed youth will be sent home at their expense and will be responsible for all other expenses associated with their dismissal. Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be immediately notified of the youth’s dismissal.

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