STEMentors remote delivery of STEM-related educational programs

Craig Chandler

STEMentors is an eLearning program providing afterschool sties with high-quality educational experiences focused on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). These STEM-related experiences are led via video conferencing by off-site eMentors, who are students at the University of Nebraska. A frontline instructor at the afterschool site helps lead the activities.




Our trained eMentors join your program virtually two times a week as scheduled to teach the STEM lessons.


Video Conferencing

We set up the video conferencing system and provide links for joining. A technology check with your afterschool site is scheduled prior to the start of the program.



We provide a collection of research-based STEM curriculum and resources to ensure youth have a high-quality, hands-on learning experience, all while having fun!


Two 75-minute sessions each week

Pick the days of the week that work best for your program, as well as the 75-minute session time.


customizable experience

Experiences are customized to fit your current afterschool schedule and program.


4 Week Courses

A variety of STEM courses are available for both the fall and spring semesters.

Program Sites Provide:

Afterschool program sites are responsible for providing a classroom for participants, a frontline staff member to assist youth, a computer with reliable internet capabilities, a projection system with audio, printer access, and specific lesson materials (varies by course). Full supply lists will be provided after registration.


Grades K-3 Digital Storytelling with Scratch Jr.

Youth use Scratch Jr. to design their own interactive story and learn computational thinking skills and logic such as breaking a command into discreet actions and sequencing those actions.

Primary Supplies Needed: tablets (1 tablet per team, 2-3 youth per team), Scratch Jr. app on tablet, additional handouts and basic materials (full supply lists provided after registration). Tablets available to borrow on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Grades 4-8 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Youth walk through tutorial guides developed by Machine Learning For Kids on supervised learning, decision trees, intent recognition, and prediction making. Youth learn these concepts by building a smart virtual assistant, teaching Pac-Man to avoid ghosts, developing a chatbot, and much more. The best part is youth do not need any prior background in programming to be successful.

Primary Supplies Needed: laptop or desktop computers (1 computer per team, 2-3 youth per team), additional handouts and basic materials (full supply lists provided after registration). 


Semester: Spring 2023

Delivered: February 20 - April 21, 2023

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Fee: $500 – not including supplies

2023 Spring Semester Registration


If your afterschool site is a part of the Beyond School Bells programs supported by the ELO Innovation Network, funding may be available to support program costs. 

For questions about this program or the information on this page, please contact: