We are excited to have your camper join us for their adventure! Please download the appropriate Camper Packet below and read through the entire packet as it contains essential information for you and your camper. Use the information to start conversations with your camper about your camper’s camp experience. What is h/she looking forward to? What does h/she feel she needs to do to get ready for camp? What are their concerns? This is also a great opportunity to answer these questions for you as a parent. The sooner those conversations start the more comfortable you and your camper will feel as their time at camp gets closer. Our 4-H  camps are the perfect place for your camper to develop new skills and build self-confidence in a safe, fun environment. Many youth come to camp because they want to have fun, but they leave with so much more! Your child will come home with new friends, bolstered confidence, leadership, and outdoor skills, and a lifetime of memories that you made possible - all by giving the gift of camp.

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Nebraska 4-H Camp programs are accredited by the American Camp Association! Learn why ACA-Accreditation matters.

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