Re-Enroll a Returning Member

Youth must be re-enrolled annually for each new program year in order to maintain 4-H membership. Returning families/members should not create a new family profile, but instead, log in to their existing profile. While enrollment is open year-round, youth interested in participating in their county fair or the Nebraska State Fair must complete enrollment by June 15. 


Step 1: Log in to Existing Family Profile


Since you are a returning member, you will select "I have a profile" on the menu at the bottom of the main screen. You will need to use the same email login and password as before. If you have forgotten your password select "I forgot my password" and a new one will be emailed to you. Select "Login" once you have entered your information.

Re-Enroll Returning Member Step 1

Step 2: Re-Enroll Youth

Once you have logged in, you will be taken to your family page. Click on "Continue to Family".

All members of your family, adult volunteers and youth alike, will be listed as inactive for the current program year. To re-enroll click "Edit" next to each inactive youth member.

You will be taken to a screen that displays the youth's information in a view-only format. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Enroll for (current year)". 

Re-Enroll Returning Member Step 2Re-Enroll Returning Member Step 2

Step 3: Update Personal Information

Edit any outdated information. Infooutdated such as phone number, address, etc. is very important and should be kept up to date.

Re-Enroll Returning Member Step 3

Step 4: Sign Code of Conduct & Waivers

Complete the Nebraska 4-H Code of Conduct and other signature required forms. The Youth Protection Policy information is only there for your information but you must sign off that you have read it and are aware of it.

Re-Enroll Returning Member Step 4

Step 5: Complete Health Forms

Complete any county required fields in the health form.

Re-Enroll Returning Member Step 5

Step 6: Update Clubs & Projects

Update club enrollment and projects. Please remove any projects from last year's listings that you are NOT going to participate in during the current program year.

For help selecting 4-H projects, visit our Pick Your Project or the current Nebraska 4-H Project Listing. Also, note the following codes when selecting projects.

Project Areas

  • AS = Animal Science
  • C&EA = Communications & Expressive Arts
  • C&FS = Consumer & Family Science
  • EE&ES = Environmental Education & Earth Science
  • HL = Healthy Lifestyles
  • LC&PD = Leadership, Citizenship & Personal Development
  • PS = Plant Science
  • SET = Science, Engineering & Technology


  • A = Beginner
  • B = Intermediate
  • C = Advanced
  • D = All Levels
Re-Enroll Returning Member Step 6Re-Enroll Returning Member Step 6

Step 7: Invoice & Payment

On the invoice and payment page, any county-level fees will be processed.

Re-Enroll Returning Member Step 7

Step 8: Submit Enrollment

Complete re-enrollment by selecting "Submit Enrollment" on the final page.

Re-Enroll Returning Member Step 8