Nebraska 4-H

Volunteer Orientation

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The Nebraska 4-H Volunteer Orientation serves as an introduction to the 4-H Youth Development program in Nebraska. As part of the screening process, the orientation covers a variety of foundational and essential topics. Any interested individuals including current or prospective volunteers, are welcome to complete the orientation. However, all new volunteers serving in direct roles, such as club leader, project leader, or workshop presenter, are required to complete the orientation. Volunteers are also required to complete the orientation as part of the re-screening process.

Begin Orientation


The orientation covers:

  1. Welcome & Introduction 
  2. What We Do in 4-H
  3. Volunteer Roles & Training
  4. 4-H Operations
  5. Risk Management for 4-H Volunteers
  6. Resources & Support for 4-H Volunteers 

Each topic includes a 4-10 minute video followed by several knowledge check questions. The entire orientation should take approximately 45 minutes to complete and may be completed over multiple sessions.

Confirmation of Completion

Upon successful completion, you will receive a confirmation email. Your county Extension office will also be notified of your successful completion.


Volunteer screening and orientation is repeated every five years based on geographic location regardless of when the original screening and orientation was completed. When it is time for re-screening and re-orientiation, volunteers will be prompted with instructions for completing the online processes. See Volunteer Re-Screening Schedule.

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