Enroll as a New Club Leader

Important Alert!

If you are enrolling in 4-H for the first time, you must contact your local Extension office before beginning the 4-H Online enrollment process.

Adults serving as a 4-H Club Project Leader or 4-H Club Organizational Leader need to enroll through 4-H Online. Adult leaders who are new to the program need to create a new Family Profile. Please follow the instructions below for enrolling as a new Club Leader. If you have children enrolled in the program, please use your existing family profile and simply add yourself as a new "Adult Member". If you are a returning Club Leader please see Re-Enroll as a Returning Club Leader for instructions on re-enrolling. 

Please note that only volunteers serving as Club Leaders should enroll through 4-H Online. For information and instructions for volunteering outside of a Club Leader role, please see Volunteer Resources.


Step 1: Create a Family Profile

Visit ne.4honline.com.

Select "I need to setup a profile". Each 4-H household will have a family profile.

Select the correct "County".

The email address will be used as the user/access id. Enter an email address you use and a password you will remember. There will be an option later in enrollment to add additional email addresses.

Please enter the household last name (i.e. Head of household last name/4-H parent(s).)

Select "Create Login".

Enroll New Club Volunteer Step 1

Step 2: Enter Family Profile Information

Complete the required profile information.

Select whether you would prefer to receive the newsletter via email or direct mail.

You do not need to change your password.

Select "Continue".

Enroll New Club Volunteer Step 2

Step 3: Add Adults to the Family Profile

You may now add the individuals in your household. Select "Adult" from the dropdown options and select "Add Member".

Enroll New Club Volunteer Step 3

Step 4: Enter Adult's Personal Information

Now enter information for one specific individual in the household.

You may choose to change the email address if so preferred.

The asterisk areas are required. All other fields are optional.

Please enter the number of years you have been a 4-H volunteer! The Extension office has a list if you cannot remember.

Although not asterisked, the following fields are required: Race, Ethnicity, Residence, Military Service, and Grade.

Enroll New Club Volunteer Step 4

Step 5: Sign Volunteer Code of Conduct & Waivers

In the additional information screen, you will read and sign the Volunteer Code of Conduct and Photo Release.

Please note that the Club Leader is the member in this situation. You will need to sign when asked for the member's signature.

Step 6: Add a Club

Please select the Club that you are a leader for and your role within that club from the drop-down menu.

Enroll New Club Volunteer Step 6

Step 7: Add a Project

The next step is to choose the projects you provide leadership for IF you are a project leader in the club you volunteer with.

Step 8: Submit Enrollment

The enrollment is not final until you click on "Submit Enrollment".

Step 9: Enroll More Volunteers in Household

You will then have the ability to enroll another volunteer for the same household/family by repeating steps 3-7.

The enrollment status will show pending until the information is confirmed by your local Extension office.

Step 10: Complete the Youth Protection Screening

All Nebraska 4-H volunteers must complete the 4-H Volunteer screening process before volunteering with 4-H in any capacity. To begin the screening process, please contact your local Extension office.