Important Alert!

If you are enrolling in 4-H for the first time, you must contact your local Extension office before beginning the 4-H Online enrollment process.

Enrollment is not required for many 4-H programs and events. However, 4-H members ages 8-18 as of January 1 of the current year are required to officially enroll through the 4-H Online system. Youth who are not members of a formal 4-H club may still enroll as independent members. Youth between the ages of 5 and 7 as of January 1 of the current year may also enroll as Clover Kids. While enrollment is open year-round, youth interested in participating in their county fair or the Nebraska State Fair must complete enrollment by June 15.  


Step 1: Create a Family Profile


Select "I need to setup a profile". Each 4-H household will have a family profile in which the 4-H youth for the household will be added. Individual youth will not have an individual profile/login.

Select the correct "County".

The email address will be used as the user/access id. Enter an email address you use and a password you will remember. There will be an option later in enrollment to add additional email addresses.

Please enter the household "Last Name".

Select "Create Login".

How to Enroll New Member Step 1

Step 2: Enter Family Profile Information

Complete the required profile information.

Select whether you would prefer to receive the newsletter via email or direct mail.

You do not need to change your password.

How to Enroll New Member Step 2

Step 3: Add Youth Members to the Family Profile

You may now add the youth in your household. Select "Youth" from the dropdown menu and select "Add Member".

On the left of the screen, you may review your profile information and make any edits needed by selecting "Edit Family".

How to Enroll New Member Step 3

Step 4: Enter Youth's Personal Information

Enter information for one specific youth in the household. You may choose to change the email address to the youth's email if so preferred.

The asterisk areas are required, all other fields are optional.

Please enter the number of years the child has been a 4-H member! The Extension office has a list if you cannot remember. 

If you accept text messages, please enter your cell number and cell phone carrier. We plan on using this feature!

This is also where you can select a second household to receive correspondence for this particular youth.

Although not asterisked, the following fields are required: Race, Ethnicity, Residence, Military Service, and Grade.

School information is not required however it does help the Extension office with statistics and data driven program evaluation.

How to Enroll New Member Step 4

Step 5: Sign Code of Conduct & Waivers

The following page consists of the waivers we ask you to be aware of, including the Nebraska 4-H Code of Conduct. Youth are required to electronically sign for one, and a parent or guardian as well.

Please thoroughly read through the information!

It is also required that you enter the year of graduation for the youth.

Enroll New Step 5

Step 6: Complete Health Forms

The health information is optional. However, if the 4-H member goes to a 4-H Camp or participates in state or national events, we highly recommend completing the health form.

Please note that some special interest 4-H Clubs do require members to complete the health form. Be sure to check with your Club leader.

Enroll New Step 6

Step 7: Add a Club

Please select the youth's club from the drop-down menu. If youth are in more than one club, add them all. However, please mark which one is their primary club.

Enroll New Step 7

Step 8: Add Projects

The next step is to choose the projects youth want to work on during the current program year. Projects are all listed in the dropdown menu. Choose one, select "Add Project" then you may add more. Add all the projects the 4-H member is considering for the county fair. 

For help selecting 4-H projects, visit our Pick Your Project or current Nebraska 4-H Project Listing. Also, note the following codes when selecting projects.

Project Areas

  • AS = Animal Science
  • C&EA = Communications & Expressive Arts
  • C&FS = Consumer & Family Science
  • EE&ES = Environmental Education & Earth Science
  • HL = Healthy Lifestyles
  • LC&PD = Leadership, Citizenship & Personal Development
  • PS = Plant Science
  • SET = Science, Engineering & Technology


  • A = Beginner
  • B = Intermediate
  • C = Advanced
  • D = All Levels

Remember, if you are not enrolled in the project, you may not receive notices about that project.

Once all your projects are entered, select "Submit Enrollment".

EnrolL New Step 8

Step 9: Enroll More Members of the Household

You will then have the ability to enroll another youth for your same household/family following steps 3-8.

You may copy the parent information from the first youth you registered. Follow the same steps as you did for the first youth until all youth in your household are enrolled.

The enrollment status will show pending until the information is confirmed by the local Extension office.

You will receive a confirmation email when the registration has been approved.

Once complete with everyone's registration, "Log Out" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Enroll New Step 9