Nebraska 4-H

Teacher Resources

Seeking creative ways to engage your students? 4-H offers a multitude of opportunities, such as school enrichment, field day, and afterschool programs designed to enhance classroom education with experience-based learning. The programs are primarily coordinated by county Extension offices. To learn more about specific programs and opportunities available in your area, please contact your local Extension office.

Looking for something even more outside the box? Check out the Outdoor Education programs offered by Nebraska 4-H Camps & Centers. These programs use the outdoors as a stimulus for the appreciation of previously acquired skills, including the areas of reading and language arts, science, mathematics, art, health, physical education, and social studies. Or, consider scheduling a field trip to Raising Nebraska. Raising Nebraska, located in Grand Island, offers several programs for visiting classes of all ages.

Nebraska 4-H also offers recognition for afterschool and school enrichment groups through the Programs of Excellence. The Programs of Excellence is an award program designed to recognize 4-H groups for providing high-quality educational experiences.