Nebraska State Fair

4-H Contest Participant Resources

youth participating in a 4-H judging contest at the Nebraska state fair

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Enrollment Deadline

Youth interested in participating in the Nebraska State Fair must complete enrollment by June 15.

Enrollment Instructions

Contest Entry

All 4-H members planning to participate in any 4-H contest must be entered in ShoWorks before 8:00 PM CST on August 10. This entry process must be completed by the 4-H member (or their family). Fees must be paid for using a debit/credit card. There are no other payment options. Contest participants will not be entered by the county Extension office. 


Participant Letters

Robotics Showcase Participant Letter (2023)

Fashion Show Participant Letter (2023)

Culinary Challenge Participant Letter (2023)

Horticulture ID & Judging Contest Participant Letters (2023)

Schedules & Programs

Contest Schedules & Programs – Note: Schedules and programs will be uploaded as they are finalized and will be updated as needed. Please check back regularly for the latest versions. Schedules and programs are also available in the Nebraska Extension mobile app.

Also See: 4-H Schedule

General Rules

4-H General Rules

Contest Rules

Please refer to the following pages and resources for specific contest rules, guidelines, entry limits, class descriptions, scoresheets, and forms.

For questions about this program or the information on this page, please contact: