4-H Shooting Sports National Championships Rules & Forms

Rules & Forms

The 2017 registration is coordinated through your 4-H Shooting Sports State Coordinator or Designated Person. You can the contact information for your state's Shooting Sports coordinator at 4-hshootingsports.org.

General Rules

2017 General Rules - PDF | Doc   

Event Synopsis

2017 Event Synopsis - PDF | Doc 

Silhouette Range Update

The distance for all silhouette matches (Muzzleloading, Smallbore Pistol, Smallbore Rifle) will be measured in “yards” not “meters” for 2017 to accommodate available space. We will be able to offer 32 firing points this year on a temporary silhouette range located on the Cowboy Action Range at HPSP. 

Updates For 2017

  • Coaches and participants are reminded to check their specific discipline section in this Synopsis for NGB version of rules that will be implemented this year.
  • Equipment check-in is scheduled for Sunday only, from 4-9 p.m. No equipment check-in is scheduled for Monday.
  • Nebraska will be using the Kongsberg Scoring System for two of this year’s Air Rifle events and one Air Pistol event. The Orion scoring system will be used to score the Air Pistol Single Shot - Rapid Fire event.
  • The Air Pistol, Single Shot – Rapid Fire, and the Smallbore Pistol, Camp Perry Round, will be using a turning target system. Be sure to read the “Procedure” section in the synopsis.
  • Shotgun events on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will start at 9 a.m.
  • Competitors are limited to checking in a maximum of three firearms or bows during the official equipment check-in period. Chief Range Officers may verify a backup firearm or archery equipment, if needed, on the practice range.
  • Smallbore rifle, smallbore pistol and muzzleloading will all shoot the same distances for silhouettes - 10 chickens at 40 yards, 10 pigs at 60 yards, 10 turkeys at 77 yards, 10 rams at 100 yards.
  • State Trading Items – There will be NO throwing or tossing of state items or merchandise during the opening ceremony parade of participants or during awards ceremonies.
  • The Dress Code has been updated. See the General Rules for more details.

Hunting Skills

Check-In Procedure

All shooting equipment, except Shotgun, and supplies must be inspected at the Check-in Station on Sunday at the designated times and locations listed on the Schedule. Shotgun participants DO NOT need to check-in their guns or equipment prior to competing. No equipment check-in scheduled for Monday. Equipment may be checked at any time before, during, or following competition to insure compliance of the event rules.

Participants should open and print their respective discipline check-in sheet below. Complete the requested information and bring TWO copies of their form with them to their discipline Check-in Station at Nationals or follow the email directions on the form, if provided. This will enable crews to inspect and process your equipment in a timely manner. Thanks for your cooperation.

Discipline Information