Data Driven Event Overview

  • Data Driven

Lincoln, Nebraska
March 16, 2024

Event Overview

Game 1: Weaving Input-Output - All four players

In this game, two teams are interleaved. All teams receive a list of paired values based on a secret rule, with some values missing. Members of the two teams alternate guesses of missing values, and teams receive points for correct guesses.

Game 2: MARKET - All four players

MARKET is a fast-paced, team-based dice game where players use strategic decision-making and calculated risks to navigate market conditions and maximize their (imaginary) wealth. Work together with your team, analyze probabilities, and choose wisely to secure your score and outmaneuver your opponents!

Game 3: Game Design with Asymmetrical Dice and Probability Support - All four players

Game 4: A Bayesian Guessing Game - Two players (Individually)

Game 5: Data Tells a Story - Two players

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