Re-Enroll as a Returning Club Leader

Volunteers serving as 4-H Club Project Leaders or 4-H Club Organizational Leaders need to re-enroll through 4-H Online each year. Returning leaders should use their existing family profile to re-enroll. Please follow the instructions below for re-enrolling as a Club Leader. New Club Leaders will need to set up a family profile. Please see Enroll as a New Club Leader for more information.

In addition to re-enrolling each year and completing the initial volunteer screening, volunteers must also be re-screened every five years based on district. Please see Volunteer Screening for more information.

Please note that only volunteers serving as Club Leaders should enroll through 4-H Online. For information and instructions for volunteering outside of a Club Leader role, please see Volunteer Resources.


Step 1: Login to Existing Family Profile


Since you are a returning volunteer, you will select "I have a profile" on the menu on the bottom of the main screen. You will need to use the same email login and password as before. If you have forgotten your password select "I forgot my password" and a new one will be emailed to you. Select "Login" once you have entered your information.

Re-Enroll Volunteer Step 1

Step 2: Re-Enroll as a Volunteer

Once you have logged in, you will be taken to your family page. Click on "Continue to Family".

All members of your family, adult volunteers and youth alike, will be listed as inactive for the current program year. To re-enroll as a volunteer click "Edit" next to your name.

You will be taken to a screen which displays your information in a view only format. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Enroll for (current year)".

Re-Enroll Volunteer Step 2Re-Enroll Volunteer Step 2

Step 3: Update Personal Information

Edit any outdated information. Information such as phone number, address, etc. is very important and should be kept up to date.

Re-Enroll Volunteer Step 3

Step 4: Sign Volunteer Code of Conduct & Waivers

In the additional information screen you will read and sign the Volunteer Code of Conduct and Photo Release.

Please note that the Club Leader is the member in this situation. You will need to sign when asked for member's signature.

Step 5: Update Club

Check to be sure you are listed as a leader for the correct club. 

Re-Enroll Volunteer Step 5

Step 6: Update Project

Check the projects you are involved in at the volunteer level. All projects for volunteers are listed at the bottom of the project drop down menu if you need to add any.

Step 7: Submit Enrollment

You are not completely enrolled until the enrollment has been submitted on the final screen. Click "Submit Enrollment".