State Faculty & Staff

The Nebraska State 4-H Office faculty and staff, located in Agricultural Hall on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus, works closely with UNL Extension staff located in all 93 counties, to deliver the 4-H Youth Development Program in Nebraska. For more information about 4-H in your community, please contact your local UNL Extension Office. Information about statewide 4-H programs is available from the Nebraska State 4-H Office which is located in 114 Ag Hall PO Box 830700, Lincoln, NE 68583-0700. 

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Kathleen Lodl 4-H
Kathleen Lodl
Associate Dean
(4-H Program Administrator)


Brad Barker 4-H
Brad Barker
Associate Professor
(Science & Technology)
Saundra Frerichs 4-H
Saundra Frerichs
Extension Assistant Professor
(Science Education)
Ashu Guru 4-H
Ashu Guru
Assistant Professor (teaching & learning) 
Michelle Krehbeil 4-H
Michelle Krehbiel
Associate Professor
(Positive Youth Development)
Jill Lingard 4-H
Jill Lingard
Associate Extension Professor 

District Coordinators

Lisa Kaslon 4-H
Lisa Kaslon
Extension Educator
(Northeast District Coordinator)
Kelley Rice 4-H
Kelley Rice
Associate Extension Educator
(Panhandle District Coordinator)
Maria Walker 4-H
Maria Walker
Assistant Extension Educator (Southeast District Coordinator)


Melissa Fenton 4-H
Melissa Fenton
Assistant Extension Educator

Beth Janning 4-H
Beth Janning
Associate Extension Educator
(Raising Nebraska)

Cathy Johnston 4-H
Cathy Johnston
Extension Educator
(volunteer & professional development)

Philip Onwiler
Assistant Extension Educator
(college & career readiness)

Katie Plaskac 4-H
Katie Pleskac
Assistant Extension Educator
(Data management)

Kathy Potthoff 4-H
Kathy Potthoff
Assistant Extension Educator
(animal Science)
Tracy Pracheil 4-H
Tracy Pracheil
Associate Extension Educator
(Multimedia Learning & Marketing)
Dagen Valentine 4-H
Dagen Valentine
Extension Educator (Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

Project Managers/Coordinators

Jessie Bauman 4-H
Jessie Mullendore
Evaluation Project Manager
(Common Measures)
Danielle Dewees 4-H
Danielle Dewees
Communications Coordinator
Tara Dunker 4-H
Tara Dunker
State Project Coordinator

Sean Gundersen
Sean Gundersen
Camp Director
(Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center)

Ann O'Connor 4-H
Ann O'Connor
Instructional Designer

Lindsay Shearer 4-H
Lindsay Shearer
Program Coordinator
(Summer Camps)
Brandy Wagner 4-H
Brandy Wagner
Educational Engagement Coordinator
(State Fair, PASE/Life Challenge, Robotics)

Support Staff

Kim Novotny 4-H
Kim Novotny
Office Associate
Lisa Splker 4-H
Lisa Spilker
Office Associate

Content Experts Supporting 4-H

Bradley Bennet
Assistant Extension Educator
(Animal Science)

Doug Golick
Assistant Professor
Maria (Cherry) de Guzman
Associate Professor
(Adolescent Development)
Peggy Jeffries 4-H
Peggy Jeffries
Support Staff 
(Nebraska 4-H Foundation)

Lisa Karr-Lilienthal
Associate Professor
(Companion Animal)

Lena Luck
Assistant Professor

Steve Pritchard
Extension Educator
(Shooting sports)

Stuart Shepherd
Foundation Director
(Nebraska 4-H Foundation)

Sara Werner
Foundation Relations Coordinator
(Nebraska 4-H Foundation)