Nebraska 4-H

Program Priorities

child builds a LEGO robot while another child watches

The mission of Nebraska 4-H is to empower youth to reach their full potential working and learning in partnership with caring adults. Nebraska 4-H strives to help young people achieve their greatest potential by introducing high-quality youth development programs and experiences into the lives of Nebraska youth and families. By taking part in Nebraska 4-H, youth are preparing for a successful future. Educational experiences offered through Nebraska 4-H focus upon the following priorities:

Growing True Leaders

In 2019, Nebraska participated in the first National Call for Data. The purpose was to assess outcomes experienced by a nationwide sample of youth ages 5-19. Seven hundred youth from Nebraska contributed to the following findings that showcase a strong personal mindset and strong social skills of youth engaged in 4-H:

  • 95% are willing to work hard on something difficult.
  • 86% stop to think about their choices before making a decision.
  • 87% think about how their choices affect others.
  • 92% look for ways to involve all group members. 
  • 91% get along with others who are different from themselves.
  • 82% are comfortable being a leader.

Reaching New & Underserved Audiences

Nebraska 4-H works to ensure that 4-H is accessible to all Nebraska youth. Teens as Teachers is a program that employs teens to deliver programming to new and underserved youth in their communities. In 2019, 17 teen teachers in 17 counties reached more than 1,600 youth. After programming, 91% of youth and teens reported they will keep trying until they reach their goal and 88% of teen teachers felt confident in their leadership ability.