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Nebraska 4-H prepares youth to make informed decisions about their careers and college path. Programs assist young people with developing skills that will lead to greater persistence in college and employability. By participating in a college or career readiness program, youth gain awareness of higher education options, identify relationships between careers and 4-H projects, develop college and career readiness skills, aspire to and enroll in higher education, be engaged in on-campus events, and actively explore careers. 

Through career and college readiness programs youth develop important life skills, including:

  • Social skills
  • Stress management
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-motivation
  • Responsibility


Nebraska 4-H prepares youth to make well-informed decisions through Career Development and Healthy Living programs. Signature program efforts designed to prepare youth to make decisions today and for their future include Food Smart Families, WeCook, and Connecting the Dots. Together, these programs are making a significant impact on youth across the state. 

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Food Smart Families

1,200 youth participated in the Food Smart Families program in 2017. 87% agreed that they learned what makes up a balanced diet and 91% reported that they learned how to make healthier food.

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Over 150 families participated in the WeCook afterschool program in 2017. 44 college students helped deliver the program. Youth significantly increased their knowledge of why physical activity is good for them. 84% of youth reported they really liked to cook at the end of the program.

WeCook Program

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Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots was delivered to more than 1,300 youth in 2017. 33% of participants reported that the program helped them learn about colleges that will be a good fit for them. 60% reported that they learned how to act professionally.