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4-H members showing hogs at the Nebraska State Fair

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The 2020 Nebraska State Fair will be a celebration of 4-H and FFA youth! 4-H and FFA livestock shows will take place on separate weekends. The 4-H contests and livestock shows will be held on the first weekend (Aug. 29-30). Static exhibits will be on display for the public to view and will also be shown virtually. Stay tuned for more details.

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease and the State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show

With the increased concern of RHDV-2, all 4-H rabbits exhibiting at the 2020 Nebraska State Fair must have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) within 15 days of the exhibition. For more information, please see our Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease and the State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show news article.

Livestock Identification

State Fair Livestock Identification and Nomination Requirements_v2 (2020)

Live Animal Exhibit Entry

All 4-H live animal exhibits must be entered in ShoWorks before 8:00 PM CST on August 10. This entry process must be completed by the 4-H exhibitor (or their family). Fees must be paid for using a debit/credit card. There are no other payment options. Live animal exhibits will not be entered by the county Extension office. Please refer to the 4-H/FFA Exhibitor Entry Limits


Exhibitor Letters

2020 4-H Livestock Reminders and Updates (8/6/20)

Rabbit & Poultry Exhibitor Letter (2020)

Dog Exhibitor Letter (2019)

Beef, Sheep, Meat Goat & Swine Exhibitor Letter (2020)

Youth Dairy Exhibitor Letter (2020)

Additional Swine Exhibitor Information

Check-In, Weigh-In, Loading/Unloading

State Fair Loading/Unloading Presentation (2020)

Livestock Exhibitor Fairgrounds Entrance Map (2020)

Ethics Affidavits

Stalling Assignments


NOTE: Herdsmanship has been canceled for 2020.

The purpose of the Herdsmanship contest is to encourage cooperation, fellowship, and teamwork among exhibitors in developing and maintaining a display of livestock and stalling areas. Herdsmanship duties are the primary responsibility of the livestock exhibitor. 

Schedules & Show Programs

4-H Livestock Schedule (2020)

4-H Schedule

Show programs will be uploaded below as they become available. Programs are also available in the Nebraska State Fair 4-H mobile app.

Additional Resources

Leader's Guide on Animal Welfare for Fairs and Exhibitors

Youth Guide on Animal Welfare for Fairs and Exhibitors

Animal Resource Guide for 4-H & FFA Members: Animal Documents, Records & Tests Needed Prior to Fairs & Exhibitors

Animal Resource Guide for 4-H & FFA Members: Facts, Values & Myths

Animal Resource Guide for 4-H & FFA Members: Knowing the Livestock Lingo

Animal Resource Guide for 4-H & FFA Members: Communicating with the Public About the Care of Production Animals

2017 Presentation: Pork Carcass Evaluation and Value, Dr. Dennis Burson, Nebraska Extension Meat Specialist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

General Rules

4-H Animal Exhibitor Handbook (2020)

State Fair General Livestock Rules (2020)

State Fair Livestock Health Requirements (2020)

4-H General Rules

4-H/FFA Entry Limits (2019)

Species/Show Rules

Please refer to the following pages and resources for specific species/show rules, guidelines, entry limits, class descriptions, scoresheets, and forms.

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