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4-H members showing hogs at the Nebraska State Fair

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The 2020 Nebraska State Fair will be a celebration of 4-H and FFA youth! 4-H and FFA livestock shows will take place on separate weekends. The 4-H contests and livestock shows will be held on the first weekend (Aug. 29-30). Static exhibits will be on display for the public to view and will also be shown virtually. Stay tuned for more details.

Livestock Nomination Deadline Extended

The State Fair livestock nomination deadline has been extended from June 15 to July 1. Exhibitors will be required to submit their DNA envelopes to their county Extension office and have completed their online nomination and payment by 11:59 PM CST on July 1, 2020. DNA nominations are non-refundable.

Livestock Identification

State Fair Livestock Identification and Nomination Requirements_v2 (2020)

Live Animal Exhibit Entry

All 4-H live animal exhibits must be entered in ShoWorks before 8:00 PM CST on August 10. This entry process must be completed by the 4-H exhibitor (or their family). Fees must be paid for using a debit/credit card. There are no other payment options. Live animal exhibits will not be entered by the county Extension office. Please refer to the 4-H/FFA Exhibitor Entry Limits


Exhibitor Letters

Rabbit & Poultry Exhibitor Letter (2019)

Dog Exhibitor Letter (2019)

Beef, Sheep, Meat Goat & Swine Exhibitor Letter (2019)

Additional Swine Exhibitor Information

Check-In, Weigh-In, Loading/Unloading

State Fair Loading/Unloading Presentation (2019)

Livestock Check-In Trailer Hours (2019)

4-H and FFA In Place and Check-In/Weigh-In Schedule (2019)

Livestock Exhibitor Fairgrounds Entrance Map

Ethics Affidavits

Stalling Assignments


The purpose of the Herdsmanship contest is to encourage cooperation, fellowship, and teamwork among exhibitors in developing and maintaining a display of livestock and stalling areas. Herdsmanship duties are the primary responsibility of the livestock exhibitor. 

Schedules & Show Programs

State Fair Livestock Schedule (2019)

4-H Schedule (8/6/19)

Show programs will be uploaded below as they become available. Programs are also available in the Nebraska State Fair 4-H mobile app.

Additional Resources

Leader's Guide on Animal Welfare for Fairs and Exhibitors

Youth Guide on Animal Welfare for Fairs and Exhibitors

Animal Resource Guide for 4-H & FFA Members: Animal Documents, Records & Tests Needed Prior to Fairs & Exhibitors

Animal Resource Guide for 4-H & FFA Members: Facts, Values & Myths

Animal Resource Guide for 4-H & FFA Members: Knowing the Livestock Lingo

Animal Resource Guide for 4-H & FFA Members: Communicating with the Public About the Care of Production Animals

2017 Presentation: Pork Carcass Evaluation and Value, Dr. Dennis Burson, Nebraska Extension Meat Specialist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

General Rules

4-H Animal Exhibitor Handbook (2020)

State Fair General Livestock Rules (2019)

State Fair Livestock Health Requirements (2019)

4-H General Rules

4-H/FFA Entry Limits (2019)

Species/Show Rules

Please refer to the following pages and resources for specific species/show rules, guidelines, entry limits, class descriptions, scoresheets, and forms.

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