STEMentors remote delivery of STEM-related educational programs

Craig Chandler

STEMentors StartNStop eLearning Video Program provides afterschool programs with high-quality educational experiences focused on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). These STEM-related experiences are delivered by playing an on-demand video that is hosted by STEMentors, who are students at the University of Nebraska. A frontline instructor at the afterschool site helps lead the activities.

During the spring of 2024, the STEMentors StartNStop eLearning Video Program will be piloted with up to 8 program sites. Any sites that agree to participate in the program will receive a free program kit to be used over a 2-month period. In return, the afterschool provider will participate in a 30-minute Zoom feedback session to share the pros and cons of program delivery. 




We train STEMentors to develop StartNStop Videos on topics they are passionate about to help afterschool's engage youth with hands-on STEM activities.



Afterschool programs can watch videos online or download the video to guide their afterschool participants in a STEM learning activity.  



We provide a collection of research-based STEM curriculum and resources to ensure youth have a high-quality, hands-on learning experience, all while having fun!



StartNStop Videos walk the group through a fun learning experience introducing the topic, leaving stopping points for activities, and concluding the activity with a thoughtful recap.


customizable experience

Experiences are flexible and can be customized to fit your current afterschool schedule and program.



Three StartNStop Videos are being piloted. More videos are being produced!


Afterschool program sites are responsible for providing a classroom for participants, a frontline staff member to assist youth, a computer with reliable internet capabilities, and a projection system with audio. In 2024, activity kits will be provided by Nebraska 4-H to the first four registered program sites each quarter. Kits will provide all materials to facilitate each on-demand StartNStop Video.


Grades 3-6 Explorers of the Deep

Students learn how to prepare an ocean robot for a research mission. They will “ballast” their ocean robot by adding weights to create the sinking and floating behavior of a real ocean robot. Then they will investigate the data collected by ocean robots and learn about ocean exploration.

Primary Supplies Needed: Explorers of the Deep Program Kit provided by STEMentors

Grades 3-6 Cosmic claw from galactic quest

Students learn about agriculture in space and use the Engineering Design Process to design, build, and operate a hydraulic-powered robotic arm. Working in small teams, they will create and test their robotic arm by completing different agricultural tasks. Their design will need to be able to grasp, scoop or rake up simulated crops.

Primary Supplies Needed: Galactic Quest Program Kit provided by STEMentors

Grades 1-6 Hack your harvest from Game Changers

Students learn about automation and efficiency in computer programming.   They learn how to solve puzzles that simulate programming an automated tractor.  Then they create own game boards and have classmates try to solve them.

Primary Supplies Needed: Game Changers Program Kit provided by STEMentors


Semester: Spring 2024, 1st Session

Registration Deadline: Friday, January 12, 2024

Kit Delivered: Week of January 15, 2024

Kit Returned: Week of February 26, 2024

Semester: Spring 2024, 2nd Session

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 8, 2024

Kit Delivered: Week of March 11, 2024

Kit Returned: Week of April 22, 2024


The STEMentors StartNStop Video Pilot is supported by the Peter Kiewit Foundation.