National 4-H Council

4-H Tech Changemakers is a unique, community-centered program that puts youth into leadership positions and empowers them to teach digital skills to community members. More than 20 million people in the U.S. lack broadband internet access, creating what is known as the digital divide; this combination of inequitable internet access, along with a lack of digital skills, is contributing to a growing opportunity gap, particularly for members of rural communities and communities of color. 4-H Tech Changemakers gives teens the tools and support they need to become true agents of change by teaching digital skill-building workshops to adults. 

The program, implemented across the country by National 4-H Council, has inspired teens in over 160 communities across 18 states to do good in their communities. 325 teens reached over 37,000 adults in the communities served by the program in 2021. See what these Tech Changemakers are doing in their hometowns.​

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