Section 8: Standard Operating Procedures

Clear, concise, and functional operating procedures can help make the work of the 4-H Council easier for everyone involved. Mutually agreed upon Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) allow a group to move quickly and efficiently to the tasks at hand.

SOPs include:

  1. Council's Constitution and Bylaws
  2. Meeting agenda template
  3. Current list of Council committees
  4. Treasurer's Report template
  5. Council member and terms of expiration
  6. Historical Records
  7. Past Meeting Agendas
    1. Minutes of Meetings
    2. Past Treasurer's Reports
    3. Copy of EIN and e990 reporting

Council Constitution & Bylaws

A yearly review of the constitution is important for an organization to evaluate and update procedures and thus strengthen effectiveness. The constitution provides structure for the Council to operate; it is an important document that assures the program is operated both efficiently and effectively.The council constitution and bylaws on the website include recommendations for the organization of your council.

Just as the constitution provides overall structure, bylaws describe the details of how the Council will operate. The constitution requires two-thirds vote for adoption or revision. The bylaws can be modified with a simple majority. The constitution identifies mission and purpose. The bylaws focus on how the mission and purpose will be carried out.

Civil Rights legislation requires a specific plan to assure all youth have access to the Extension 4-H and youth programs; each county is required to have an Expansion and Review Committee for this purpose.The 4-H Council may serve as the Expansion and Review Committee provided the requirements for Expansion and Review are met.

The sample constitution available below provides a model for developing or updating the 4-H Council’s Constitution and Bylaws. Consider this model a tool for examining the SOPs of your organization.

Download Sample Constitution & Bylaws

Meeting Agenda

Your SOP's should include a meeting agenda template in which all meetings are organized and configured. This ensures all business is handled and a procedure for the meeting is followed consistently.

Download Sample Agenda - 09/26/2018

Current List of Council Committees

A current listing of Council committees and membership for the year should be included. This becomes a reference for the year as meetings are called and reports are given as to the membership of each committee.

Treasurer's Report

Not only is a yearly budget required but a treasurer's report on this budget based on actual and current financials for the Council at each meeting. The report should be reviewed and approved by Council membership at each meeting. An approved budget gives spending permission in the budget line items, the treasurer's report accurately reflects that bduget approval through actual spending. A sample report is available below.

Download Sample Treasurer's Report

List of Financial Procedures

Each new Council year the financial procedures must be reviewed and roles assigned. This list of procedures, such as who deposits, signs checks, etc. will be reflected with assignments in this document. See Section 5 for financial procedures.