UNL Student Recruitment


State Wide Goals:

  1. Obtain 4,062 new contacts between January, 2016 and December 31, 2016.
  2. Obtain 5,000 touchpoints between January, 2015 and Decement 31, 2016.

County Goals: Each county will select two goals

1. Campus Visits and Events

Goal: Extension staff will assist families/youth in coordinating a campus visit
Goal: Extension staff will coordinate an all-encompassing campus visit with students

2. Community Collaboration

Goal: Extension staff will collaborate with community/county youth organizations/partners to conduct a youth event.  ie:  Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, Teammates, Library, Summer Youth Institutes, YMCA, Community Colleges

3. Connect Extension to Community Partners to engage in career exploration

Goal: Extension staff will collaborate with community stakeholders on building a relationship between youth and their 4-H projects and career exploration/opportunities

4. Expanding the reach to those who are not currently being served

a. Demographics

i. Ethnicity
   Test Scores (Science and Math)

Goal: Extension staff will identify and target a new demographic audience in student recruitment 

5. Use curriculum at least one time per county in 2016

Goal: Counties will use any career and college readiness curriculum, on during the year.


The 2016 student recruitment training will be held April 20-21, 2016. See the agenda for more information. If you have any questions, please contact Micaela Rahe or your district student recruitment contact. We hope to see you there!

Recruitment Key Note: Dean Pamela Horne

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UNL Extension has consistently played an important role in student recruitment. In order to help reach UNL's goal of 30,000 students and in order to help young people be college ready, UNL Extension is putting together a series of resources to help all faculty and staff better reach potential students.

What will Success Look Like: Our overall goal is increased enrollment at UNL. Because of the work Extension does with 4-H and other programs, we are uniquely positioned to reach younger youth (5th-10th graders) and start help students statewide become college ready. Because of Extension's unique ability to reach younger students, Extension's outcomes will include:

  • Office of Admissions will have more contacts based on Extension efforts.
    • Measured by new contacts - individuals who had not previously been in database.
  • On-going relationship building with potential students by Extension faculty.
    • Measured by touch point (student is already in data base, information is updated and we add how they were connected with the goal being an increased number of contacts with the student).
  • Success stories of successful recruitment efforts.
    • Measured by a data base where extension faculty/staff can input examples.

The following resources can be used to help UNL Extension faculty/staff reach these outcomes. See something that's missing?  Make your comments on the form which is located at the bottom of this page.

Student Recruitment Funds

Student Recruitment Dollar Criteria

Student recruitment dollars can be used for efforts that encourage prospective students to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, to continue their education after high school.  

Instructions on how to request Student Recruitment dollars:

  1. Fill out the funding request form
  2. Create a budget for the event, in which the dollars will be used
  3. Data or justification for the event that is happening
  4. Submit to your student recruitment contact:
  • Southeast: Karna Dam
  • Omaha Metro: Maria Walker, Rachel Wright
  • Northeast: Amy Topp
  • Panhandle: Cynthia Gill, Kelley Rice
  • West Central: Brian Bosshamer

Criteria to receive these dollars are as follows:

  • There must be direct student contact with university faculty and/or staff
  • Education needs to remain the primary focus, not entertainment
  • Contact information needs to be collected
  • An evaluation of the event should be performed 

Dollars cannot be used for:

  • Funds may be used to pay for a campus visit experience but no additional activities while the student is in Lincoln. For example, mileage to Lincoln would be covered because of the campus visit, but the cost of Laser Tag after the campus visit is not.  
  • Gadgets and gizmo giveaways are not looked upon as student recruitment if they are to be passed out at random. They can be requested for large events, like River City Roundup. 
  • Dollars cannot be used to fund individual families on campus recruitment visits with student recruitment dollars.   
  • Lodging for PASE/Life Challenge will not be funded.
    • Participating in a 4-H related event on campus (PASE/Life Challenge, Horse Stampede, etc.) will not allow student recruitment funds to be used. However, if students go on an organized campus tour (city or east campus) or participate in a planned student recruitment event while on campus, their travel will be funded.
  • Dollars cannot be used to pay mileage/lodging for individual faculty to come to counties for recruitment. If faculty are coming for workshops, we need to generate funding from workshops to get the faculty member there.

Statewide Student Recruitment Funding Request Form

Campus Visits

Below are the campus visit options available for students in your area.  Please contact Micaela Rahe mrahe2@unl.edu if you have questions.

Do you want to bring a group of students to campus?  Check out the Admissions sponsored College Visit Grant!


Teaching Materials

Classroom Activities

Recruitment Curriculum




Recruitment Materials

Material requests need to be made 2 weeks in advance of when you need them.


Recruitment Recognition

Recruitment Event Recognition Guidelines

Next Chapter Resources

Visit the Next Chapter website for more information.