4-H members speak up at new Premier Communication Event

4-H members speak up at new Premier Communication Event

4-H members from across Nebraska converged in Lincoln for the inaugural Premier Communication Event. The youth had the opportunity to participate in state-level contests, including Illustrated Presentations, Prepared Speeches, Impromptu Speeches, Radio Public Service Announcements, and Video Communications. 

44 presenters participated in the Illustrated Presentations Contest, and the top seniors were:

  1. Ava Stewart, Cedar County
  2. Aubree Siffring, Butler County
  3. Emily Brhel, Clay County
  4. Libby Macklin, Webster County
  5. Tucker Robinson, Fillmore County

Intermediate division winners were:

  1. Mallory Beethe, Sarpy County
  2. Andrea Bettenhausen, Lancaster County
  3. Maggie White, Gage County
  4. Ella Jessen, Knox County
  5. Devon Rasmussen, Gage County

92 young people participated in the Prepared Speech Contest. The top five presenters in the senior division included:

  1. Hope Roscoe, Burt County
  2. Lilee Chevalier, Lancaster County
  3. Sophia Burns, Dawson County
  4. Ella Brennemann, Frontier County
  5. Grace Brennemann, Frontier County

Top presenters in the intermediate division included:

  1. Lena Gropp, Saline County
  2. Brooklyn Reiman, Dawson County
  3. Lorelai Rickertsen, Dawson County
  4. Luke Olsen, Kimball County
  5. Griffin Owens, Dawson County

35 members participated in the Impromptu Speech Contest. The top five in the senior division were: 

  1. Kara Brockman, Gosper County
  2. Grace Brenneman, Frontier County
  3. Lilee Chevalier, Lancaster County
  4. Adrian Svitak, Hall County
  5. Kathryn Vance, Scotts Bluff County

The top five intermediate division winners included:

  1. Nathan Brhel, Clay County
  2. Grace Finnegan, Boyd County
  3. Mallory Beethe, Sarpy County
  4. Amarita Payne, Lancaster County
  5. Ayla Foster, Box Butte County

76 Radio Public Service Announcements were submitted to the state contest. Those in the senior division recognized with top awards included:

  1. Campbell Snodgrass, Cuming County
  2. Alex Berghorst, Custer County
  3. Alexa Brodd, Dodge County
  4. Marshall Bratetic, Knox County
  5. Jonah Splichal, Scotts Bluff County

Award winners in the intermediate division were:

  1. Owens Griffin, Dawson County
  2. McKenna Stewart, Polk County
  3. Harley Hedrick, York County
  4. Cassidy Reiman, Dawson County
  5. Alexa Stewart, Polk County

Nine entries were submitted for the Video Communications Contest. Senior division winners included: 

  1. Josiah Pitterson, Dodge County
  2. Emily Brhel, Clay County
  3. Ariana Pitterson, Dodge County
  4. Ashley Bauer, Buffalo County
  5. Jordan Wagner, Scotts Bluff County

Intermediate division winners included:

  1. Nathan Brhel, Clay County
  2. Kirstyn Beberniss, Garden County
  3. Mallory Beethe, Sarpy County

While new in 2023, the Premier Communication Event is intended to be an annual event held each June at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Participants showcase their communication skills and knowledge developed through other 4-H projects, explore issues related to the communication industry, discover college and career opportunities, and meet other 4-H youth from across the state. To learn more, visit 4h.unl.edu/pce.