Chase Prentice exemplifies positive youth development

Chase Prentice exemplifies positive youth development

In observance of the Week of the Volunteer, Nebraska 4-H is proud to celebrate some of the 2023 Nebraska 4-H Volunteer Award Winners.

Chase Prentice is receiving the Emerging Adult Volunteer Award for Zone 3. Chase volunteers with the Lincoln County 4-H program and was nominated by Caitlyn Jacobson, Nebraska Extension Educator in Lincoln, Logan, and McPherson Counties.

As a club leader and certified shooting sports instructor, Chase prioritizes positive youth development. He encourages youth to try new projects and explore different subject areas. Chase creates an environment where youth can thrive. He ensures everyone has an opportunity to participate, actively engages youth in conversations, and coaches them throughout their learning experiences. As a result, he has built strong and meaningful relationships with his club members. 

"He has also built strong relationships with his club members in the short year he has been involved in Lincoln. Co. 4-H," wrote Jacobson. "His growth mindset mentality will continue to set him up to be a fantastic leader for many years."

Tell us about yourself.

I have been working as a volunteer in youth development for several years. When my wife and I volunteered to help with our local 4-H, we found out that they wanted to restart the Shooting Sports program. I volunteered to get trained as an Archey Instructor and became a part of the team that is helping to rebuild the Shooting Sports program for our area. I find it to be an exciting role because of my interests in youth development, archery, and community development. I am excited to see where the Shooting Sports program is headed for our county and for the chance to get to be a part of its development.

What do you look forward to when you step into your volunteer role?

I look forward to seeing club members become confident in new skills as well as the growth and development club members get in skills they already possess. I also enjoy using my training and knowledge to instruct club members to help them develop skills so that they can be confident in their own abilities.

What is your favorite memory as a 4-H volunteer?

The first time teaching as an Archery Instructor for 4-H. It was great to see my training pay off in instructing shooters not only the proper safety techniques and protocols but also letting them have a great time learning by doing using archery equipment in a safe and respectful manner. Seeing the joy on club members' faces as they were shooting their bows is something I strive for, not just teaching club members skills but also giving them an environment in which they could have fun learning in.

How have you helped youth find their spark through 4-H?

Being a Shooting Instructor for 4-H has given me the opportunity to instruct youth in proper shooting techniques, which has given several club members the confidence to try out a new shooting discipline that they would not have had the opportunity to before. A few of the club members who were a little hesitant to try different disciplines in our shooting sports program have quickly enjoyed developing those new skills once they tried it out.