Loft Gallery features 4-H member's artwork

Loft Gallery features 4-H member's artwork

Twelve talented young artists from across Nebraska have artwork currently on display in the Loft Gallery in the Nebraska East Union.

The show features fourteen drawings, including graphite, ink, charcoal, color pencil, and scratchboard artwork, created by 4-H members. The pieces were selected from hundreds of 4-H visual art exhibits entered at the 2021 Nebraska State Fair.

The exhibition features original artwork by the following 4-H members:

  • Kaila Spieker, 17, Pierce County, Hadar Handy Helpers 4-H Club
  • Addison Zook, 18, Butler County, Always Busy Clover 4-H Club
  • Austyn Rumbeck, 17, Buffalo County, Diamond Willow 4-H Club
  • Aimee Merrill, 18, Hitchcock County, Southwest Shooting Sports 4-H Club
  • Janessa Schmidt, 19, Colfax County Busy Bees 4-H Club
  • Anne Marie Wurtz, 18, Lancaster County, Star City Cornhuskers 4-H Club (2)
  • Piper Dather, 16, Knox County, Northwest Feeders 4-H Club
  • Ashlyn Boeckenhauer, 15, Dixon County, independent 4-H member (2)
  • Hadley Hartman, 11, Johnson County, West Elk Creek 4-H Club
  • Kinsley Oestmann, 16, Nemaha County, Timbercreek 4-H Club
  • Emily Loseke, 19, Colfax County, All-Star 4-H Club
  • Carmen Kosmicki, 18, Howard County, independent 4-H member

Admission to the Loft Gallery is free and open to the public anytime the Nebraska East Union is open. The exhibit will remain in place through December.

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