Micah Scholl helps youth take pride in their swine projects

Micah Scholl helps youth take pride in their swine projects

In observance of the Week of the Volunteer, Nebraska 4-H is proud to celebrate some of the 2023 Nebraska 4-H Volunteer Award Winners.

Micah Scholl is receiving the Emerging Adult Volunteer Award for Zone 11. Micah volunteers with the Pawnee County 4-H program and was nominated by Mary Moser, Nebraska Extension Educator in Pawnee County.

"Micah is very passionate and is very willing to share his experiences with the youth in our county, so his enthusiasm is contagious," said Moser.

Micah is passionate about showing swine and wants to help every Pawnee County 4-H member learn to show swine with competency and confidence. He started by hosting a clinic to teach youth how to select, train, feed, and show their project animals. He then volunteered at the county swine show. Micah is stepping up to serve as the county fair swine superintendent this year. He plans to offer more clinics to help exhibitors in this new role. 

"The youth that he has helped definitely feel pride when they can exhibit their animal at a higher level and not only does the judge comment but members of the community notice the time and effort put into the project," said Moser. "Changes would not have been made without Micah’s help."

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Micah Scholl. I am 26 years old. I Grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska but currently reside in Pawnee City, Nebraska, where I am currently working on becoming a licensed electrician through an apprenticeship program and own and Operate Ignite Genetics. In my "free time," I enjoy going to every stock show I can and meeting new people.

What do you look forward to when you step into your volunteer role?

Helping others achieve stuff that they never have before or never imagined

What is your favorite memory as a 4-H volunteer?

Well, first, I hope the memories are not over, but right now, the one that's at the top is successfully getting somebody on the dirt at the NSF and for them to have their name recognized for their hard work in front of people.

How have you helped youth find their spark through 4-H?

By hopefully whoever I deal with, giving them confidence in whatever they do.