Sally B Bryner helps youth grow through horse program

Sally B Bryner helps youth grow through horse program

In observance of the Week of the Volunteer, Nebraska 4-H is proud to celebrate some of the 2023 Nebraska 4-H Volunteer Award Winners.

Sally B Bryner is receiving the Outstanding Adult Volunteer Award for Zone 1. Sally volunteers with the Box Butte County 4-H program and was nominated by Melissa Mracek, Nebraska Extension Educator in Box Butte County.

Even though she has a busy work schedule, Sally supports the Box Butte 4-H program whenever possible. She often lends a hand at the Fort Robinson Horse Camp. Sally has taught at the local babysitting workshops, and she always makes sure to provide items for the local fundraiser. 

Sally is most well-known, however, for leading the county horse program. She serves as the county fair horse superintendent. In this role, Sally is responsible for purchasing show awards, managing the program, preparing the exhibitor packets, and overseeing the condition of the arena. As the 4-H Horse Club leader, she holds weekly practices throughout the summer to help members learn riding basics and gain horsemanship knowledge. Sally is a certified examiner for the Nebraska 4-H Horsemanship Advancement Level program and leads county-wide horsemanship and riding workshop. 

"Sally is an awesome horse instructor," said Melissa. "She understands the youth and works with them to help them achieve their goals and not only become excellent riders but also knowledgeable horse owners."

Sally encourages local members to grow their project experiences. She is a cheerleader for the Futurity program, through which youth spend four years training a young horse. She ensures these youth are celebrated at the county fair every year. Thanks to her support and guidance, several of Sally’s club members have gone on to compete in statewide rodeo competitions and horse shows.

"My husband attended her practices as a youth. When he went to college, he had the confidence and abilities to participate in the equine riding classes at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, as well as was recruited to be a member of the Equestrian team," shared Mracek. "Currently, we own horses, and I do believe that had it not been for Sally’s classes, it would have taken a lot of encouragement and training for that to happen otherwise."

Tell us about yourself.

I am a 20+ year 4-H volunteer, as I started volunteering the following year after I was no longer of 4-H age. I especially enjoy volunteering for the horse project, as that has been my passion since I was a young girl. I participated in the 4-H horse project for my full ten years in 4-H.

I also enjoy showing horses myself when I am able to find the time to do so. I have always enjoyed my time as a volunteer in Box Butte County, where I have resided most of my life, growing up in Alliance and returning after obtaining my education. I currently reside outside of Hemingford on a small "hobby" farm. I also work full-time as Nurse Practitioner at a local Rural Health Clinic in Alliance.

What do you look forward to when you step into your volunteer role?

Helping youth learn about their project and seeing that growth as the summer months progress.

What is your favorite memory as a 4-H volunteer?

One of my favorite memories as a 4-H volunteer would be watching youth not only grow in their projects but into young adults and enjoying it so much they also return as 4-H volunteers!

How have you helped youth find their spark through 4-H?

I have tried to keep youth engaged in their projects. I also try to help them learn new things about their project. I love teaching and pushing youth to set goals and try my best to help them achieve those goals.