+YD Intern Spotlight - Alyssa Neff

+YD Intern Spotlight - Alyssa Neff

Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Major: Textile Science

Expected Graduation: 2025

Why did you decide to join the +YD intern program?

As a third generation, Pennsylvania 4-H'er I had the opportunity to do many projects such as Poultry, Rabbits, fiber arts projects, sewing, gardening, woodworking, exchange club, and many other projects. I also had the priveledge of serving as a Pennsylvania 4-H State officer as well. 4-H blessed me with ten amazing years that planted me as a leader and prepared me for my future. I wanted to give back and help out with this program in any way I can, so naturally I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to apply and be a YD intern.

What is your favorite thing about the +YD internship?

I love being able to work on projects and work with my fellow interns. Collaborating and creating even better ideas that 4-H'ers are going to love is fun to see.

What are your plans post-graduation?

My plan after graduation is to hopefully work for a company creating and testing fabrics. Even more specifically, I would love to work developing more sustainable fabrics. I could also see myself potentially starting my own fabric line as well.

What's life like outside work and school?

Outside of work and school, I am probably back in Pennsylvania working in the garden, four wheeling, helping with the animals volunteering, volunteering with my County's fair or 4-H program, hiking, weaving, or hanging with friends and family. I especially love being outside with my two sisters and hunting with my dad. My sisters and I have grown in 4-H together which has made us especially close.

The +YD (Positive Youth Development) Interns develop and deliver educational programs for youth across the state in both in-person and online settings. +YD Interns are guided by Nebraska 4-H Youth Development professionals and participate in training and professional development to ensure a quality educational experience for youth participants. Educational programs delivered by interns focus upon topics related to STEM, leadership, career development, and entrepreneurship.