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Nebraska 4-H is thrilled to offer our first-ever project of the year! This provides the perfect 4-H Club project and is also a great way for new youth and families to get started in 4-H. The kits include everything youth need to complete the project of the year and even exhibit their project at the county fair! The kit includes instructions for enrolling in the appropriate project, materials to complete the project, and instructions for club or project leaders.


2021 Project of the Year


We're excited to feature entrepreneurship as the first-ever Nebraska 4-H project of the year! Entrepreneurship introduces youth to important careers and strengthens a broad range of life skills, including leadership, problem-solving, communication, goal setting, and empathy. Through 4-H entrepreneurship projects, youth have opportunities to develop the skillsets and the mindsets necessary to thrive as future entrepreneurs but also as future leaders. These projects help youth grow into young leaders in their communities and provide pathways for youth to turn their ideas into reality. The ultimate goal is to ensure that youth are prepared to be active participants, leaders, and contributors to their communities now and in the future.

The 4-H entrepreneurship project area actually includes several projects:

The Case of Me Blueprint Discover the E-Scene Youth Business Inspection


Get Started With The

TEC Box Kit

This year's kit introduces youth to the exciting world of entrepreneurship through the TEC Box curriculum! The kit includes the curriculum and materials youth need to complete four hands-on activities. The activities help youth think for themselves, practice empathy and solve problems as they learn about entrepreneurship. Youth will invent their own product to make bicycles safer and develop a new game that can be enjoyed with family and friends. These activities and lessons lay the groundwork for a county fair and state fair eligible exhibit: Class F531006 - Entrepreneurship Challenge.

The 2021 kit includes:

  • Youth Workbook
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Inflatable Kickball 
  • Sports Cones 
  • Washi Tape 
  • Felt
  • Yarn Skein
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Foam
  • Dice

While youth do not need the kit to participate in the Nebraska 4-H project of the year, it is a great way to get started. Hurry, though! Supplies are limited. Kits are only $25 plus shipping.

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Nebraska 4-H Project of the Year TEC Box Kit