Biomedical Engineering: Career Day


Biomedical Engineering Camp

Do you enjoy learning STEM and have an interest in learning about real-world medical problems? In this engaging hands-on program, youth will use the engineering design process to work through Biomedical Engineering challenges. Youth will get to participate in activities like Nanotechnology in the Body, Laparoscopic Surgery, Biomedicine in Space, and Prosthetics and Pills. Youth will also get to experience a Biomedical Career Day where they will listen and work with staff from UNMC. Youth won't want to miss it! This virtual camp session is hosted in partnership with Imagine Science!

Career Day

TinkerCad Tutorial

During this career exploration experience, you will have the opportunity to learn from one of UNMC's 3D Visualization Generalists, Dheeraj Varandani, who will act as your virtual activity facilitator.

To complete this activity, you will need to create a TinkerCad account. You are also highly encouraged to follow along with Dheeraj as he provides step-by-step directions on how to use the TinkerCad platform and how you can create your own 3D Skeleton!

If you enjoyed creating a skeleton, challenge yourself by creating a CT Scan Machine using directions outlined on the worksheet below.

Skeleton activity sheet

CT Scan Machine activity sheet

Career Connection

Through iEXCEL, UNMC is accelerating the use of simulation and visualization technology to reshape the way in which health care education is being delivered. Watch this video to learn more about iEXCEL's new Davis Global Center!

Youth Participant Survey

Congratulations! You've completed the self-paced Biomedical Engineering Camp! We hope you had a blast and learned some things along the way.

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Biomedical Engineering Camp Youth Survey

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