Biomedical Engineering: NanoTech in the Body


Biomedical Engineering Camp

Do you enjoy learning STEM and have an interest in learning about real-world medical problems? In this engaging hands-on program, youth will use the engineering design process to work through Biomedical Engineering challenges. Youth will get to participate in activities like Nanotechnology in the Body, Laparoscopic Surgery, Biomedicine in Space, and Prosthetics and Pills. Youth will also get to experience a Biomedical Career Day where they will listen and work with staff from UNMC. Youth won't want to miss it! This virtual camp session is hosted in partnership with Imagine Science!

NanoTech in the Body


Supplemental Videos

Blood Vessel Creation


  • Posterboard (6-7 inches wide, 2 feet long)
  • Half Tube (desired 4 inch diameter, 2 feet long) - cornmeal, pringle, oatmeal canisters can be used (4 total)
  • Old Knitted Sweater, Scarf, and/or Blanket (4 inches wide, 2 feet long)
  • Scissors
  • Yardstick or Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Tape



  • Popped Popcorn (up to 3 pieces)
  • Tape
  • Paper Clips (5-10)
  • Rubber Bands (3)
  • Aluminum Foil (2-3 sheets)
  • Cling Wrap/Saran Wrap (2-3 sheets)
  • Pipe Cleaners (5-6)
  • Cotton Pads/Balls (5)
  • String (2-3 feet)
  • Scissors

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